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Hi I am Julia Jay the owner of A Touch of Peace located in Adamstown, Pennsylvania.  I bring affordable short term counseling to this community in effort to help people change their lives, parent their children, quit addictions, and find a sense of meaning and purpose in their lives.  Difficult problems take many years to build up and it will take effort, on our part, to have the life we desire in comparison to the life we have at this moment. If you are not happy in your life I can help you. The most resourceful way  I do this is by offering free resources and teaching relationship and connection with family, friends, and community.  It is in relationship we are wounded, and it is in relationship we are healed. As we journey in healing our wounds, self-inflicted or from others, we realize we have all the tools available to become our purposeful self.  My experience as a person and a professional has taught me that every hurting person has the power to heal themselves.  We must learn from the perspective: that every experience we have had, and every decision we have made, every mistake, every trauma has been part of the journey to become the unique person we are. Furthermore, relationship with others can assist us to become the person we desire to be, relationships are the glue that cements the person to the community which impacts society as a whole.

Julia enjoys life in quiet Adamstown with her husband, Michael, in the large home where they raised their family. She loves her family, and enjoys nature, hiking, riding her Harley, and her dog Mya the snoodle. ATOP is a small specialized practice that provided 24/7 hotline(717-587-2025) for her clients.

Feel free to browse Julia’s website for resources you may find helpful. You may contact me to make an appointment at 717-484-1253 OFFICE or on her cell at 717-587-2025 and I will normally respond within 2-4 hours. This webpage is in no way complete, as I have time, I will provide more information and helps for different situations.

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