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Adopt Grandparent Senior Care Senior Citizen Elderly Assistance Lancaster AdamstownATop-SmallHelping Hands Ministry creates a free system of help for our elderly population by connecting community and churches in Cocalico area to allow seniors to remain their homes (sort of an adopt-a-grandparent program). The average cost to sit with a person to assure they took medications and ate a meal or for help with bathing assistance is usually $25.00 an hour. This is ridiculous! Why cannot we all take care of our own neighbors and save them paying a stranger to assist them? I know we are all very busy, but I hope none of us are too busy to stop and visit the neighbor to talk for a few minutes and assure their safety.

Helping Hands Ministry offers free psychosocial assessments for the elderly population and will connect them to neighbors and churches willing to check in on them and or help them with household things they are unable to do. If you are interested in an assessment or volunteering with your personal neighbors, please contact me to be placed on the Helping Hands List. If you are looking for help in the Lancaster, Reading or Cocalico area,s please look on this site under services and view the list of helpers willing to go publicly online at this time.

safe_image.phpIf you need any construction such as a ramp or handicap accessible showers  My son Bryan is  affordable and available  call him at Bryan Jay text or call him at 717-342-4207.

My connections to hiring your own CNA will be updated as soon as I confirm they would like to go public, if you are interested in helping any of your neighbors please contact me and let me know the amount of pay you will work for and the area you are willing to travel to and I will add you to my list.

I know personally many CNA’s  through my work at hospice as a medical social worker and they have proved to be responsible for people who I have connected them with in the past, but again (I barley know …really know…. what any person could do at any time) so I am not assuring anyone anything   just referring others to trusted individuals. It is a referral system : call them, interview them and see who fits for you , then negotiate a price and schedule.

more to come as I receive permission contact me with any questions 717-587-2025

I have a pretty large list of CNA’s but You will need to call me personally as I do not want to publicize without permission

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