How to really know yourself?

Are you happy?

Do you enjoy your life?

Do you Live in the Present?

Are you now who you really want to be?

Do you understand your purpose?   Are you aware you actually have a purpose?

Did you know you are your own judge and you are only compared to yourself.

Do you know You are your best friend and your Best friend is in you.

Do you know your destiny was created before you were born and you have been taken care of every day of your life whether IT Feels like iT or not. God knew exactly who you would become and what the journey would take to get there. He actually planned your life because He knew you would accomplish everything you are meant to accomplish because  of understanding His love and plan for you.

That established, you can begin your voyage.

Everything that happens to you up to this point in life was for you to someday be aware of that specific fact.

You are destined.

You were created. 

You have a divine purpose.

You are unique and there is noone like you.

I can lead you down travels that I have traveled to find this  truth, or you can just travel it yourself. You really do not need me, but you do need you, your authentic self, your true self, your real self.  On my journey, I have learned alot (mostly the hard way).  I will  invite you to share my journey in hopes it will help you with your journey, but if you understand and comprehend your journey it may be best to spend life living yours. Too many who have all life has to offer waste most of their lives thinking there is more. My suggestion is to just think today. What do you want out of today? How can you make it through today?

I write in such scattered pieces because so often I am up to living today in the present and when I write its usually out of frustration that someone I love has yet to get IT… so this is my attempt at leaving breadcrumbs on the path.

I would be living my present and not wasting my time writing this path for others to gleen but so often when I am in my zone and enjoying my blessings and living my life, I look back and I see my kids struggling, confused, not knowing their way. I sit and see my friends going through grief, or divorce, or struggling with addictions. I just can’t enjoy my life without at least leaving some treasures on the journey for those who may have to travel through doubt to find faith.

To those I love most, I try to model and engage in the reality and brevity of life but many are just not ready yet.   I try to help others but they are all their own experts, they know everything they need (right now) so I thought …crap …better write this stuff down for the many that follow behind me when I am dead and gone. There are so many that may need a helping hand from me – one who has been a survivor, one who has struggled and one who has actually lived the life of struggle, one who values relationships and struggles to maintain them

 Anyone can make a relationship- but can you keep them? for decades? for a lifetime? Read my relationship 101

This is how I started my journalism journey. To help my hubby, my kids, my nieces, my friends, my church, others who have no family, others who have no church, others who really have been living, squeaking by, thinking this is all there is to life. EAT DRINK and BE MERRY.

Now, mind you, I love eating, done my share of drinking and making merry.  Actually, I am blessed to live a pretty comfortable amazing life and I want to give back- to people, to the universe, ultimately to God.  Now, this journey (living a life of wellbeing) I have been on is in many forms- scattered all over- over my fb, my book , my webpage, so I  wish you many blessings on the journey. The information is not meant to be difficult but it is a journey, or a puzzle and it is in a form that anyone to access what they need, when they need it, it allows challenge and accessibility in the only way I have found to document it at this time(hopefull I will go to full podcast methods and save all the writing to people that are excellent at writing. I am a content writer, not an editor, I make no clame to fame…actually I want no fame ever…so gleen what you can. I am offering tools for your journey. You are not really looking to my journey- rather we are making your journey together.

I hope to help many sojourners  in the most a simplistic way- ask the question you need to know and get the answer- in the fewest words, sessions, or clicks.

Life is busy and there is an overload of information on the web. Most people can find what they want online- people can diagnosis themselves, and even treat themselves.

I am just a resource to give you the fastest method that I have found  to real truth and real answers and to support you as you try real application.I am a real person you can call and talk to right now…someone to listen and help you figure our your unique life journey underway.

If you believe fundamentally this is all there is to life, then you better work on it fast and taste every part of the journey, live for today and do a doosy. Life really is so short…we all wake up one day and find out we are old, and not as smart as we thought.

If you believe every person you have ever loved, every person who once walked this earth is gone- sitting in a box of ashes, and they are gone, nothing of them remains that matters, that matter dissipated into a non matter. Well then I invite you, come along, we have an even longer journey ahead, follow as you are so inspired.

Keep growing, be active: intellectually, musically, physically, literally …..your mind may change, if you really want change, change can be yours but like anything that is worthwhile it will take the hard work invested to yield to product of living a real authentic life.

I can offerone to learn the way one changes, I can teach you the skills but you must do the work, the emotional, physical and psychological work. You can do this work and feel what change is like or you can continue to be the same, close your mind to all possibilities and be your own god.

I will never claim to have all the answers but I will always  be able to lead you to find the answers that you will need to bring you sustenance. I do not have any new ideas or answers, I really am truly only a reference resource. I know how to find answers!!! That is my only claim to fame.

Most of life’s real answers  have been here for centuries.  Somehow, along the way of living our journey, we have stopped listening to the voices that could be trusted the most, the holy fathers, the holy scriptures, the holy martyrs, family, friends and community. There is noting new under the sun but come along with me and look at the SON through a new lens.


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