Why I Do What I Do?

My lifetime dream has been to operate a low cost business assisting in the mental, physical, financial, spiritual, and emotional well-being in my community. For over 20 years, since moving to Adamstown from Altoona, PA, I have been very active in our community. We raised many children here with the help of many neighbors and friends.  I  realize first hand, it really does take a community raise a child-especially if you are raising more than one. Parenting is extremely difficult in this day and age. I have raised four adopted and three biological children in Adamstown plus dozens of foster kids and exchange students and strays (my kids’ friends who felt our house was their house ). My spiritual practice is kindness, my religion is love. I am open to anything the Lord brings into my path that He has equipped me to deal with that will help others.That being said, we can only change ourselves, I realized long long ago I had no power to change anyone(starting when I married my husband of 35 years). Change is a personal work, a work that is a process, I am in that process of change. I came from a family of dysfunction, neglect, sexual abuse, addictions and a long history of mental illness. I am transformed in my heart, but the rest of me, especially my mouth, is still in the process of transformation. I can declare I am not the person I used to be and not the person I want to be, but I have journeyed a long way from who I was last year or the year before. Change has been a daily focus for me since childhood.  If you are willing and desirous of change then I can travel that journey alongside of clients in a way very few therapists can. Call me today and we can talk about what that change you desire looks like for you, Julia Jay717-484-1253.


At 53 years old, I have finally become free of children (with the occasional exception of my seven grandchildren visiting and my grown children needing a place to return briefly).  I have left the corporate psychological field (a collapsing  ladder I choose not to spend my time climbing). In 2013 my hubby transformed the lower level of our eight bedroom sandstone home into an office, play therapy room, and family therapy room with my sister’s help decorating.  Now, I am ready to slide slowly into using the space to create well-being for my community and friends.

I have personal experience, clinical expertise, and real life application for many areas of life.  I believe education is very important in learning how to living a healthy life, however most applicable knowledge comes from our life experience. Our individual journey may lead us to travel different roads, but in the end: we all end up with the same destiny- death. Some die at 8 and others live to 88, its not the numerical presence on this earth that enhances us but what we do with what we have been given.

We can be as educated as we choose, in fact, we are as educated as we want to be. Education is readily available online, as much as we are willing to explore. In this day we are truly blessed, because of the internet the world has access to unlimited education through reading, exploring, fb and watching great shows. I suggest watching one show of Oprahs’ Super Soul Sunday’s Master class. One will view in one hour education emotionally and spiritually what would take years to learn personally. Watch  TED online, start with the top 10 interviews, the wealth of knowledge at our fingertips is amazing. Connecting you to resources can change your life, I desire to connectothers to resources that will enable transforming change in your life.

My goal is to create a place of resources where one can go anytime, any day, straight to resolving the solution of  the problem. I have an amazing office massage chair, a loan library and a listening ear that truly can empathize with  my clients reality.  I do not talk in psychobabble or profound words- heck half of my site is still unedited. I am more of a very educated, knows alot of practical things, knows a lot of legal things, knows a lot of parenting things,(mommy that some people never had and my kids choose not to avail themselves to). I never had a mom, as a matter of fact, I always had to be the mom to my mom, and pretty much the rest of the motherless, fatherless, siblings which I was privileged to have. Some siblings appreciated that and grew, and some siblings just walked away and struggled on their own, some are still struggling.

Why, with so much education available is the world so full of stress and seemingly unending problems? Why are people more isolated in populated areas? Why is the world filled with loneliness?

I believe three huge reasons: loss of family, loss of community and loss of faith!

The world is in shambles!! Parents, marriages, schools, churches and the economy – all is falling apart!

Government spending has depleted our resources and our entire nation lives on dept- a dept we cannot repay-ever.

This world is a much different place than years past. Preparing our future generations for the coming world is a huge task, one in which currently many are ill equipped to handle.

My goal is to be that resource tool, without sucking people for money constantly. Resources are key to coping skills that can navigate the future.

Something needs to change; we need to change.

We need to find a safer, healthier way of life.

However, we either choose not to do what we know is right, because we see others getting ahead without the hard work, or frankly. we do not really want change.

Obesity is just one example. I believe everyone can change, if they want to, and if, they are willing to put in the hard work. As a person who has struggled with weight for many years, I will never be skinny: but I have come to a place where I am willing to do the hard work to be healthy, in body, soul, and spirit.

I feel my calling in life is to give compassion, encouragement, accountability, and insight into what can happen when you are willing to make changes.

I have a special gift, or some may think, a curse, to “say it as it is”, when frankly most people continue to walk around the elephant in the room.
After so many years in mental health I have seen hundreds of people with serious mental health problems. People are diagnosed using the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) and then fall into excusing their behaviors and resorting to addictions and chronic medication increases.

What kind of treatment plan is medication alone! I attest it is not !

Medication changes us. Medication was once intended to create a window of opportunity to manipulate a change in behavior:however for most mental illness diagnoses, medication is all that is done!

Medication can often create dependency. Many times medication dulls the body’s senses. Our senses are our body’s natural warning signs. Often when medication stops working, the media advises us to just change to a different medication instead of even discussing a change in our behaviors or relationships.
Our insurance companies and doctors have become so out of touch with reality and many have become big business money makers, forcing drastic diagnosis’ for treatment or refusing treatment to those who really need it.

Well, I am exasperated with the medical, political, governmental corruption that is overtaking our world, that is why I have retreated from those systems.

Their systems are not effective, and the mental health crisis continues to plague our nation.

Suicide and homicide statistics continue to increase and it is quite evident there is a mental health crisis in our country.

In contrast, I use cognitive behavioral approach to well being with special attention given to the WHOLE person body, mind, and soul.

I find that often one area is totally out of sync with the other natural connections.

FACT We can be physically healthy, and yet have severe mental and emotional problems.

FACT We can be emotionally sound and struggle with physical symptoms or numerous health issues.

FACT Some may even have a super model physic and stable emotional well being BUT if you have not found the answers to why you are here on this earth and what your unique purpose is: you will spend your life plagued with spiritual decline which eventually will affect your physical and emotional well being.

Without a meaningful spiritual connection to the Creator and through the Creator of this universe, nature and the natural life cycle,  all the health in your body and mind can become meaningless.

We are each unique and have physical, emotional and spiritual souls which need fed- daily, weekly, monthly.

There is no once and done quick fix for well being. Like marriage, or parenting, or grandparenting, or friendship, or Life…it is a journey.

Life is a journey.

Along this journey we work on each of these areas until we become who we are created to be, and one day we will say- it is well,

LITERALLY,  with our mind, body, and souls.

However, this journey was never meant to be traveled alone. We were sent a comforter, we have a Redeemer, we are given each other.

We are wounded in relationship and in relationship we find healing.

I teach people how to “do” relationship. Its hard work and it never ends- its constant maintenance with your Partner, your kids, your family of origin, your friendships.

That may sound impossible: however, its a lot easier than it sounds.

Once you have the tools to work through relationship, even the most difficult parts of your journey, such as grief, addictions, physical sickness, can become the most beautiful offering you have to give the world.

Explore this site and if you have a question or comment please feel free to engage yourself in CHANGE. Call me or post a question and I will do my best to guide you to the answer best for you at this difficult time in your personal life. Julia Jay 717-484-1253

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